the Human 3D printer series is a new and ongoing series of work where i 3D print with my 3d-pens  
The Human Printer Series  2018 - Now

Earth Series, 2015

A series of works made for the expo with Laura Signer.the theme was Earth, for this series I worked with gel pens which were used as earth materials (gold, silver, copper) and used the shape round as a reference to the shape of our planet, the black is our planets surrounding Gelpen, Polargraph65 x 70cm
Enschede NL

3dSpace, 2015
This triptych is one of the bigger Polargraph works, it is a look into a world that isn't there.. the picture is not a real picture but your mind wants it to be.
Fineliner, Polargraph
210cm x 90cm

Transforming Vector series, 2015
Polargraph, fine line marker, this is a series of works about the transforming of shapes in computer drawing.. the vectors are all hand drawn
Fineliner, Polargraph65cm x 70cm

The Einstein Rosen Bridge
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