Mark Bakema 1987 Netherlands

lives and works in Sankt Gallen Switzerland

I am a Dutch artist currently based in Switzerland. My work is a nonlinear investigation that takes me into multiple directions that are equally important. The works I present are digitally drawn/ created by me and materialized with help of a drawing machine or a laser cutter.
With this working process I am pursuing up to date questions like question whether the work is made by a human or a digital program and how relevant I as an artist am in the process of making/creating and how relevant the matter of coincidence is in my work (or what role coincidence plays in my work)

For questions or contact don't hesitate to send me an email at:

*Currently i dont have much works on the online galleries, but please dont hesitate to contact me directly at my email for inqueries and other questions.
I will try to get back at you as soon as possible.

Exhibitions and publications

Solo and Duo  Exhibition

2015 Duo exhibition with Laura Signer, Tankstation, Enschede NL
2015 Exhibition with Eric Luchtenberg and Wessel Vreeken Cargo" Concordia , Enschede NL
2012 Eerst/Filter solo exhibition Enschede NL

Group Exhibition

2015"Maker Faire" Enschede NL 2013       Fablab Enschede "3d-Print-event" Enschede NL 2013       Bridges Math & Art conference Main expo, Enschede NL
2013 Bridges Math & Art conference SART-Young-talent-expo Enschede NL
2013Twente Bienale B93 expo Enschede NL 2013      Tripticon Night Exhibition Muenster DE 2013     Exhibition B93 Lonneker kunstlandschap Lonneker NL 2012      Fablab Enschede 3d-Print-event Enschede NL
2012 Endexamexhibition AKI-ArtEZ Enschede NL 2012      Exhibition curated by Kees Haafkens Enschede NL 2012    Artechlab exhibition, Artechlab Enschede NL 2012    Unnamed illigal exhibition, AKI-ArtEZ Enschede NL
2011 Exhibition iedereen voor iedereen Enschede NL 2011    Unnamed exhibition, Bolwerk Enschede NL 2011    Unnamed exhibition, AKI-ArtEZ Enschede NL
2010 Unnamed exhibbition, Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Art and Design Amsterdam NL
2010 Unnamed exhibbition, Studium Generale Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Art and Design Amsterdam NL
2009 Unnamed exhibition, Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Art and Design Amsterdam NL

Books magazines

2013 Bridges math Art Enschede NL 2013     Twente Bienale Enschede NL


2017 C-Diab “No perfect wave remixes” injaeero records london UK 2016 C-Diab “No Perfect Wave” Injaeero records london UK


2018 Starting new group atelier “Atelier am Gleis” Sankt Gallen CH
2016 Moved to St Gallen, Switzerland
2014/2015 Teacher Artechlab AKI- ArtEZ art Academy Enschede NL
2013/2014 Asistent teacher Artechlab AKI- ArtEZ  Art Academy Enschede NL
2010 Moved to Enschede, The Netherlands
2009 AKI-Festival curator and workshopleader Enschede NL 2008  Moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands to study Architecture at the Rietveld academy